Romanian as a Foreign Language Course

Do you want to learn Romanian for travel, study or relocation? This autumn we are launching a new series of live online courses for adults!

The courses are divided according to your level of proficiency. A study level is comprised of two modules of 16 sessions each. A session lasts 90 minutes. Our open courses are available in three formats: group (6-12 participants), small-group (3-5 participants) and one-to-one.

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Join our courses and learn Romanian through interactive and engaging activities, while boosting your communication skills, your creativity and your confidence!

  • Learn how to communicate effectively within a diverse group, taking cultural differences into account.
  • Practice new vocabulary and grammar in context, through interactive and collaborative activities.
  • Boost your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in a balanced way.

Course info

Timetable Dates Duration
Monday and Wednesday, 17.30-19.00 12/10/2020 al 07/11/2020 8 weeks

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