Greetings and Meeting People in Romanian

One of the most important things to know when visiting a country is how to greet people in their language.

The three greetings, based on the time of the day, are:

Buna dimineata (with a T pronounced as TS) – buna = good, dimineata = morning

Buna ziua (used all day long, from 11 am onwards) – ziua = day

Buna seara – seara = evening

There is also an informal “Hello/Hey” = Salut!

A fourth greeting, Noapte buna!, means “good night” and is used when someone is going to sleep.

So, how would you greet a shop assistant at 9 am? How would you greet the driver when you get in a taxi at 2 pm? Which greeting would you use when you see a Romanian friend?

(The right answers are Buna dimineata!, Buna ziua! and Salut!, respectively.)

Saying goodbye is equally easy:

La revedere! (formal)

Pa! (informal)

Introducing yourself can be done in few ways. You can say:

Sunt… (+ your name). Sunt = I am. For example, Sunt Paula/Sunt Albert.

Numele meu este… = My name is… (Numele meu este Paula/Albert.)

Ma numesc…/Ma cheama… (+ your name). Both mean, literally, “I am called”. For instance, Ma numesc Paula/Albert. Ma cheama Paula/Albert. (CH is pronounced as K.)

Nu sunt = I am not.

You can say: Nu sunt din Romania. Nu sunt roman. Sunt din… (+ your country).

Ma bucur = I am glad (to meet you).

You can find basic information about Romanian here:

Article by Nadia Esslim


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