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Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling’s character is probably one of the most adored fantasy heroes worldwide. Kids and adults have been eagerly following the young wizard’s adventures for decades, making Harry Potter the best-selling book series in history. However, besides their ability to transport you to a fantastic realm and make you forever in love with the Potterverse, the 7 books are a tremendous learning resource. This blog entry aims at giving you some tips and tricks for using it.

The easiest way to learn English with Harry Potter would obviously be discovering a spell within the wizards’ repertoire that would make the English language magically take over your brain. Unfortunately, no one was able to identify it. So, we’ll just have to stick to the more conventional approaches.

Read the books in English.

They will provide you with plenty of exposure to the English language, which will definitely give your skills a considerable boost. The brilliant part of this endeavor is that it is not a task for advanced learners only. Which leads us to another reason why Harry Potter is so brilliant for language learners: it starts easy and gets harder.The first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is very straightforward and is aimed at children who are about 10 or 11 years old, but unlike most children’s series, it doesn’t stay that way. By the time you get to the seventh and final book, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, the thematic material is far darker, and the language itself is much more mature – this is a book for young adults, not children.The books were written for the readers to grow with them and so the gradual increase in complexity of language works very nicely for language learners who are gradually developing their skills.

If you’re more a movie buff than a bookworm, watch the films.

Try to use English subtitles and transform a cinematic experience into a super lengthy reading session. You’ll discover amazing new words and expressions that will definitely help you improve your language skills. Bonus: the films have aged beautifully, the special effects are amazing and the acting is first-class!

Check out the audiobooks for developing your listening skills.

There are many available options . If you’re looking for an audio treat, choose the critically acclaimed audio book read by the English actor Stephen Fry. The haunting voice of Stephen Fry reading the stories was described as „a marriage made in heaven” by The Times.

Improve your pronunciation with Hermione.

If you are a fan of the British accent, there’s no better teacher than Emma Watson. Check out our article on shadowing and get started!

Learn your favourite lines by heart.

This is more than just a party trick, it’s a great way to improve your memory and trick your brain into thinking in English. And I guarantee this can help you win every debate you take part in!

Last but not least, just enjoy the experience. The simple act of doing something we love floods our brain with endorphins, thus improving our wellbeing, mood and health. These aspects are directly linked to our success in language learning!

Article by Lavinia Marcu



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