10 spring expressions

Spring is the most beautiful and the most expected season of the year, the season of bloom, overwhelming beauty and fresh starts. Today’s blog entry celebrates spring! Let’s discover together 10 expressions that contain the word “spring”, with a catch! Some of them are sure to surprise you!

  1. Spring into Action

This expression means to begin doing something or become active suddenly and very quickly. Notice that spring is used as a verb!

“As soon as the boss came in the door, everyone sprang into action”.

  1. No spring chicken

slang No longer young or youthful. (A „spring chicken” refers to a young chicken.) Use carefully, though: this expression, if used in the wrong context, can be considered offensive.

I’m no spring chicken, so I can’t stay out till 2 AM drinking and dancing anymore.

  1. A spring in someone’s step

This idiom describes a happy, energetic, and excited mood or manner, as indicated by the carefree way one walks.

‘We could tell she got hired for the new job because she walked out of the office with in spring in her step’.

  1. To spring to mind

When something appears suddenly in your thoughts or you immediately think of someone or something.

When it comes to crime thrillers, he’s not a writer who springs to most people’s minds, but his books are edgy, brilliant page turners”.

  1. To spring to life

To suddenly start moving and become very active or busy.

 “The clubbing scene springs to life after 10 o’clock”.

  1. To spring a surprise

This expression means to tell someone something in order to surprise them.

“On his first day at work they sprang a surprise on him”.

  1. To spring something on someone

When you share news or an announcement on someone without any warning or context. You say something suddenly when it is not expected. Using this idiom implies that it would have been better to have a warning beforehand.

“A good leader keeps employees informed of decisions along the way and doesn’t just spring it on them suddenly”.

  1. To be full of the joys of spring

This is a British idiom used to say that someone is very lively, jolly and cheerful.

“How are you so full of the joys of spring at 6am on a Monday morning!”

  1. Spring cleaning

To thoroughly clean a place, especially in springtime.

  1. Spring fever

This is a a listless, lazy, or restless feeling commonly associated with the beginning of spring.

„It was the first day of real warmth after a long winter, and evidently spring fever struck lawyers, too.”

I hope you enjoyed these expressions and they will spring to mind whenever you think about this beautiful season. Have a wonderful spring!






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