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5 books on language learning

  • Have you been struggling with language learning despite your best efforts?
  • Even though your teachers provide you with detailed explanations and up-to-date materials, you still don’t seem to achieve the results you were hoping to?
  • Have been you spending a lot of money on highly appraised textbooks and learning apps without great results?

If your answer to these questions is “yes”, then maybe you need a bit of help with learning how to learn. Today’s blog is dedicated to books on language learning. They are not textbooks, but books that aim at guiding language learners to discover approaches and techniques that might help them achieve their full potential when learning a language. Some are based on the authors’ own language learning journeys, other aim at debunking language learning myths that might hold you back.

Fluent in 3 Months by Benny Lewis

Benny Lewis was one of those people who only could speak English in his 20’s. However, after one life-changing experience in Spain, he successfully learned 8 languages. In this book, Benny Lewis shows a better, faster, and more efficient way to learn languages. Even if the 3 months period sounds too good to be true, the techniques and tips he suggests can definitely speed up the language learning process.

Short Stories for Beginners by Olly Richards

This book, available in 15 languages, is designed for learners from beginner to intermediate level. It contains 8 fun stories from different genres, SciFi  to History, with comprehension questions, a plot summary after each chapter (great for not getting lost), a glossary for bolded words in each text (good for vocabulary learning) and with word stress shown on each word(great for pronunciation). The learners discover the beauty of their target language by reading entertaining materials, thus enhancing motivation and enthusiasm.

How to Learn a Foreign Language by Paul Pimsleur Ph.D.

Paul Pimsleur was a scholar in the field of applied linguistics. He developed the Pimsleur language learning system, which had a significant effect on theories of language learning and teaching.

The book is split up into 2 sections — the “whys” of language learning and the “hows” of language learning. The first section answers common questions that everyone has at the start of the language journey, such as How long does it take to learn a language? and Which language should I choose? The second part focuses on the 3 main ingredients for learning a language — pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary.

Fluent Forever: How to Learn Any Language Fast and Never Forget It by Gabriel Wyner

Apart from being a polyglot, Gabriel Wyner is an opera singer who shows an interesting approach to language learning with 3 basic keys — learn pronunciation first, don’t translate and use spaced repetition systems. The book is based on the author’s own language learning journey. At thirty years old, Gabriel Wyner speaks six languages fluently.  He didn’t learn them in school, he learned them in the past few years, working on his own and practicing on the subway, using simple techniques and free online resources. In Fluent Forever Wyner reveals what he’s discovered.

Becoming Fluent: How Cognitive Science Can Help Adults Learn a Foreign Language by Roger Kreuz,Richard M. Roberts,Roger J. Kreuz

If you prefer a scientific approach, this book is the answer. The authors draw on insights from psychology and cognitive science to show that adults can master a foreign language if they bring to bear the skills and knowledge they have honed over a lifetime.

This book proves that, despite popular belief that children are the best language learners, adults can become as skilled if not even more effective as learners, as long as they employ methods designed for adult learners.

Enjoy reading these books and boost your language skills effectively and fast! If you haven’t started your language learning journey yet or want to improve your language skills, book a course with Lektor!

Article by Lavinia Marcu


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