Get Ready for Halloween with Some Spooky Vocabulary

Even though it’s relatively new to Romanians, Halloween is a great holiday for both kids and grown-up. This is the time to explore your creativity and imagination and come up with the best spooky decorations for your homes, as well as some really amazing costume ideas.

Today’s blog entry will help you boost your vocabulary and get ready for a fun Halloween experience.


Spooky creatures:

  • Ghost- the spirit of a dead person that someone sees or hears
  • Werewolf – an imaginary creature that is human during the day but becomes a wolf at night when there is a full moon
  • Poltergeist- a spirit that throws objects around and makes loud noises
  • vampire – a character in stories who appears at night to bite people’s necks and suck their blood
  • bogeyman- an imaginary evil creature used in stories for frightening children
  • mummy – a dead body that has been treated with special oils and wrapped in long narrow pieces of cloth to prevent it from decaying, especially in ancient Egypt
  • zombie- a dead person in some religions and stories who looks and behaves as though they are alive as a result of magic


Spooky places:

  • haunted castle/mansion/ house= a building lived in or visited by the spirit of a dead person
  • graveyard- an area of land where dead people are buried, usually around a church
  • eerie forest –a haunted, scary forest
  • crypt- an underground room where the bodies of dead people are buried, usually under a church


Witchy Words and Phrases:

  • broomstick – a type of broom made with sticks and twigs. Witches are often shown riding through the air on broomsticks in children’s stories.
  • cauldron – a large round metal container used for cooking over a fire
  • hex- an evil spell
  • necromancy- the practice of communicating with dead people in order to learn about the future
  • magic potion – a drink that is believed to be magic, poisonous, or useful as a medicine
  • warlock- a man who has magic powers, especially a man who uses these powers to do evil things
  • curse- the words used for causing bad luck


Feelings in Spooky Situations:

  • creeped out- nervous or frightened not know what to
  • frozen with fear- so shocked or frightened that you can’t move
  • horror-stricken – so shocked or frightened that you do not know what to do
  • petrified
  • unnerved – nervous or frightened


Party Vocabulary for Halloween:

  •     candy
  •     costume party
  •     disguise
  •     face paint
  •     ghost story
  •     jack-o’-lantern – an empty pumpkin with a face cut into it and a light inside that can be seen through the holes.
  •     masks
  •     trick or treat- a custom in which children visit your home at Halloween and say ‘Trick or treat?’ as a way of asking for sweets

Feeling ready for Halloween?


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