6 reasons to learn Romanian

The Romanian language has always been considered a Balkan anomally, therefore it was deemed a difficult language to learn. But is it really?  Today’s blog post will prove to you that learning Romanian could open up a world of possibilities. Here are at least 10 reasons to book your first Romanian course:

You’ll get to speak to over 25 million people worldwide.

If you’re sociable and willing to make friends, it’s high time you started learning Romanian. Romanians live mostly in Romania and Moldova, however there are large communities of Romanians all over the word. Even though Romanians are quite skilled English speakers, talk to them in their mother tongue and they will appreciate your effort greatly. You’ll be surprised of their kind and outgoing nature, their heartfelt hospitality and their values.

Travel to some amazing holiday destinations.

Romanian is famous for its natural beauty and unique landmarks. Castles, bridges, art exhibitions, fortresses? Romania has it all. Speaking just a bit of Romanian will however help you discover the beauty of secluded villages or traditional rural communities, with their centuries-old traditions.

Romanian is easy to learn.

It takes about 600 hours of practice to learn Romanian, which makes it an easy language to learn. Bonus: you’ll find learning Italian or Spanish a much easier task once you’ve mastered this friendly language.

Discover new career opportunities.

Romanian economy is developing at a fast pace, especially in fields such as IT or services. Knowing the language will make it a lot easier to start your own company in Romania or explore new professional opportunities.

Study abroad in Romania.

Romania has some great colleges and universities. If you want to study abroad in Europe, Romania would be a great place for that. The tuition and renting prices are really low, and you’ll find a lively and exciting nightlife. You’ll receive a first-class education, and marvel at the wonderful Romanian culture.

Romanian is really fun!

The extensive use of idioms makes this language absolutely hilarious. You’ll learn colourful and unexpected idioms that will definitely make you smile. Here’s an example:

Romanian: „baba și mitraliera”

Literal translation: Like an old lady with a machinegun

English: a person/ object being massively unsuitable for the job in hand.


If I’ve made you a bit curious, book your first Romanian course with Lektor, from anywhere in the world!




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