5 YouTube channels to check out if you want to improve your English

Explore the diverse world of YouTube with this curated list of educational channels catering to different English proficiency levels. From humorous critiques of internet grammar to captivating tales of mythical realms, these channels offer engaging content that not only entertains but also enhances language skills. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, dive into this collection to make learning English a delightful journey.

1. Jacksfilms – YGS series

Jacksfilms has been posting YouTube videos since 2011, he mainly has funny sketches and parody songs. YGS (Your Grammar Sucks) is a series of videos where he reads and makes fun of poorly written comments on the internet. Some of them have such bad English that you can barely understand what the person was trying to say. All of the comments he reads are a good example of what not to do and might make you realise that your English is better than you thought.

Recommended level: B1 and above

2. Ted-Ed

You most probably know of this one, and it’s no wonder since TED is a very popular non-profit organisation known for their talks. However, they also have a great educational channel that covers a vast array of topics in an accessible manner. From scientific videos that explain how our brain works, to videos about ancient life and legends from all around the world, you are bound to find something of interest on this channel. Not to mention, all of the themes are explained in an easy to understand language, which makes it a great tool to improve your comprehension skills.

Recommended level: B1 and above

3. Animal wonders Montana

If you love animals and you’d like to learn more about how they live and how they are cared for in captivity, this channel is a great source. They are a non-profit as well, whose aim is to save displaced animals and to care for them. They also give educational shows talking about wild animals and why it isn’t a good idea to keep them as pets. They are very realistic in their presentations, while having a monkey as a pet might sound really fun, on this channel you will discover that besides the fun, a lot of work and resources are required to give them a good life.

Recommended level: B1 and above

4. Lucas the spider

On the theme of animals, on this channel you will find short videos that showcase Lucas’s adventures as a spider. The creator’s purpose was to show that spiders are not as scary as they seem, and he managed to create a cute character that might convince people to give spiders a second chance. The videos are very short and easy to understand, as they are meant for children. That is not to say that an adult audience cannot enjoy them. If you are a beginner with English, this channel is a great start point to practise your skills and have a fun watch at the same time.

Recommended level: A1-A2

5. Storied

For more advanced learners interested in storytelling, writing, and myths, this channel is ideal. It offers a variety of topics, ranging from videos explaining how [language impacts our brains] to explorations of themes in different mythologies. Storied revolves around the way we use language and storytelling.

Recommended level: B2 and above

At the end of the day, keep in mind that when you learn a new language, practising constantly is essential. So don’t just scroll mindlessly on your phone, use technology to your advantage. These are just 5 channels to start from. YouTube, like the rest of the Internet, is an endless source of videos and topics. You just have to find what interests you.


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