What to watch on Netflix this weekend

Now that the air is getting chilly and the leaves are turning brown, all we want to do is cuddle up with our pet in a fluffy blanket and watch something wholesome. But with so many streaming platforms and so many films and series, choosing something to watch can become an overwhelming task. If you want to skip this tedious process, I think Wes Anderson’s latest short films which can be streamed on Netflix would be a great choice.

It’s a series of four short films, the longest one being 39 minutes, inspired by the stories of Roald Dahl. From whimsical sets and bright colours, to endearing characters and ridiculous situations, each story brings something different to enjoy. All of them start with the author himself, in the process of writing, telling us, the viewers, the story he is about to write.

The wonderful story of Henry Sugar is about a greedy man who is inspired by a story he reads to meditate in order to become able to see without his eyes. He does this because he thinks it is the perfect way to cheat at blackjack. I won’t spoil the ending of the story for you, you’ll have to watch and see what Henry actually learns from his experience.

Poison, the shortest one and the most ridiculous one. That being said, the ridiculousness of the story drags you in and makes you truly invested in what is going to happen. It is about a man who wakes up with a poisonous snake asleep on his stomach. He has to stand completely still while the doctor tries to come up with different ways to save him.

The rat catcher is an interesting combination between live action and stop motion animation. The name itself describes what the short film is about. However, be warned that the end has a dark and unexpected twist.

The Swan is about a boy who is bullied by two older boys. While it does have an uplifting ending, if you just want to watch some whimsically funny stories I suggest skipping this one.

All of the films function more as theatre plays. The sets move in and out depending on what the background is and the main characters are also narrating the story, using the words Dahl used in his writings. However, you don’t need to be a Dahl fan to enjoy this creative adaptation of his stories.

A fun bonus is that the cast in all of the films features  some famous actors like Ralph Fiennes or Benedict Cumberbatch. So if you think that seeing Voldemort, the lord of evil, as an eccentric rat catcher or Dr. Strange trying to find an undetectable way to cheat at blackjack, you should check out this series of short movies. They are sure to bring about the cosy feeling of autumn.

Article by Delia Cîrnu


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