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The Lektor Method

We know that learning a foreign language is a natural yet complex process. Our courses aim to develop not only language skills, but also those transerable skills which will help you succeed both academically and professionally in the long term. The Lektor method stems from the premise that the main purpose of language is communication, thus our goal is to develop those skills that allow language to be used in real-life situations.


In our fast-paced world, communication which is clear and concise, assertive but empathetic is a highly regarded skill, in both professional and academic fields. Communication can be established through a wide range of channels, each with its own rules: face-to-face, via email, via tele-or videoconferencing, through collaboration platforms or social media, or simply, non-verbally.

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Critical Thinking

Critical thinking refers to the ability of thinking clearly and rationally. Solving logic or strategy problems in the target language will help you develop a coherent and well-structured discourse as opposed to relying on translation (which is slow and often ineffective).


The ability to work in a team in order to achieve a common goal is seen as essential in a world where communication is increasingly done remotely. Failing to acknowledge different communication styles or cultural factors can lead to communication breakdowns and conflict.


Creativity is the ability to think outside the box even in a foreign language. This ability enables you to approach problems from a different angle, which leads to innovation. At Lektor, we try to distance ourselves from preconceptions and recipes and encourage our students to experiment with new approaches, without the fear of speaking in front of an audience


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